Ultimate 3 Day Prague Guide

Ultimate 3 Day Prague Guide

I recently got back from a vacation in Eastern Europe. Of this week, I got to spend 3 days in Prague, Czech Republic. I didn’t know really what to expect, but I absolutely loved this city! Wandering around the city I felt like I was in Disneyland, it was so magical. Today I am going to share with you the ULTIMATE 3 day Prague guide, so that you can book your trip and have a magical time too!

Ultimate 3 Day Prague Guide


airbnb logo

We stayed at an Airbnb, which if you don’t use Airbnb yet, you are missing out! This site gives you cheap places to stay in someone’s home or extra bedroom, giving you a real taste of the city (instead of just a hotel). Plus if you use –> this link <– you get $40 of travel credit! I’ll be doing a more extensive post on Airbnb SOON, so stay tuned.

We stayed in this cute little place with Eva. She was super friendly and was so helpful by meeting us at the apartment early in the morning after taking an overnight train. There was 2 beds and a pullout couch, and 1 and a half bathrooms, so fit the 4 of us perfectly.

The Airbnb was in a cute part of town which was very quiet and cute. I never felt unsafe during my stay here. We walked to town the first day which takes about 30-45 minutes, BUT the bus stop is only about a 7 minute walk and it takes you right down town, which we used for the rest of our stay.


As I mentioned previously we had a bus take us directly downtown. We purchased bus tickets for 24 hours which allowed us to take all the public transit until our ticket expired (metro, buses, trams, etc.). These tickets cost us 110 CZK, which is approximately 5 USD, much cheaper than Uber!

Tip: Don’t forget to validate your ticket on your first ride, or else if a police officer comes up to you, you will get fined!

Public transportation is not hard to figure out and google helps a TON with figuring out the correct buses/trams to get on!


What would be an ultimate 3 day Prague guide without FOOD??? The food in Czech Republic was so yummy. Especially if you love potatoes (like this girl!), then you will be in heaven. As you may know, I am a pescatarian, so I don’t eat any meat except fish. You will find that I cheated hard when I got to Vienna and Munich in some later posts. But I maintained my diet at these in Prague and here are some of the goodies I ate!

U Sedmi švábů

I got this fabulous omelette with a side of potatoes of course! This omelette wasn’t mind blowing or anything, but I loved the ambiance (it was medieval themed, which was cool!). My friends got some meat stick and she came over and poured fire over it. AND the beer is super cheap (like $1 USD for 0.5 liter).

Prague Omelette


This was a cute little restaurant near our Airbnb. We sat outside and there was a little grassy area with a sight of the neighborhood. I had this goat cheese rice dish, with tomato soup, and a drink called the cocoa kiss (it had pineapple juice, orange juice, chocolate syrup, cream, and soda). It was all super yummy and I know my friends enjoyed their meals too.

Prague food

cocoa kiss

Můj šálek kávy

We went here for an early lunch and it was a cool little café. They had very unique coffee choices, that came in regular sized portions (not like most European coffee, which is mainly just espresso). I had the Colombian Carlos Imbachi coffee and it was very good and had a unique taste! I also had chicken curry with rice (shhh, don’t tell, I had chicken) which was also very flavorful!

Prague chicken curry


Now I can’t forget the ice cream! Angelato was sooooooo yummy. We happened to go when there was no line, but we walked by it twice at different times and there was a line out the door. The cones were to die for and the ice cream itself was so yummy. I had chocolate and raspberry and it did not disappoint!

And did I mention….potatoes??? You can get potatoes just about anywhere. Which…heaven ♥

Prague potatoes

Tip: Tipping in Europe isn’t expected per se, but if the waiter/waitress does a good job then you should tip them 10%, more if you think they were super excellent.

Tip 2: Which brings me to my second tip; food service in Czech Republic (and Europe in general) is very different than the U.S. They will not be as smiley and ask you constantly how your food is. They will take your order, come back with your food, and ask you how your meal was after you are finished. Good service is based on order correctness and timeliness.

Tip 3: You have to pay for bathrooms in Europe, so use the bathrooms at the restaurant you are at!


There are SO many things to see in Prague. 3 days was surely not enough. Here are the things I loved and absolutely recommend!

The Metronome

This is a giant, semi-function metronome that has a great view over the entire city. It has a huge grassy area on top and was a meeting place for a lot of people. There were skateboarders and acroyoga happening! There are lots of stairs to climb this, but well worth it!

couple on metronome

Overlooking Prague

Petrin Tower

Another place with a great view of the city is the Petrin tower. This tower was modeled after the Eiffel Tower and has 299 steps to the top! There is a mid section where you can look out halfway up. This costs only a few USD. Plus you can take a tram to the tower (which is at the top of a mountain tbh) and use your bus ticket. Score!

Petrin Tower

Cassie at Petrin Tower

Prague City View

Prague Castle

When in Europe, you have to see ALL of the castles. We chose Option B, which was a little cheaper and gave us plenty to see. You see St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royale Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower. You are able to walk around the entire grounds of the castle with this pass and the view of course is gorgeous.

Prague Castle

Castle View



Golden Lane

Lennon Wall

This wall has so much history behind it! It dates back to the communist regime, where young Czechs would right grievances on the wall and this caused a clash with the police. It now has Lennon-inspired graffiti. To me this wall was a symbol of hope and it brings the whole world together.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a famous bridge overlooking the Vlatave River. It was built in 1357 (say what??) and connects the Lesser Quarter and Old Town. There are statues on the bridge that are gothic style and there are 3 towers that protect the bridge. The bridge was filled with street artists, musicians, and people seeing the view.

Charles Bridge

Street Musicians Charles Bridge view

Tip: Prague is SUPER hilly, I wasn’t expecting it! Wearing comfy shoes to walk around all day and you will get a booty workout!

Other than these specific places, if you walk around Old Town, New Town, and Lesser Quarter, you will see beautiful architecture, have some great coffee, and have an amazing adventure.

Prague street

Old Town

Prague street

Friends at Old Town

Pub Crawl

If you want to see the going out scene in Prague and meet a TON of people from all over the world, this is one event I recommend you DON’T miss!

The Prague Pub Crawl is the world’s largest pub crawl. We went on a Saturday night and there was 4 groups of about 150 people at our time slot.

The crawl costs 550 CZK or about 26 USD. What do you get? You get FREE drinks at the first bar, a free shot at the start of each other bar, and free admission + skip the line at this massive club. Plus I met people from all over the world and made some current friends who live in Austria, as seen below!

Vienna girls on barcrawl

Make Your Trip

I hope this post made you excited for all you can do and see in Prague with this ultimate 3 day Prague guide. It’s an amazing city, so if you decide to book your next trip there, be sure to take me with you! 🙂

What has been one of your most memorable vacations?

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