Reasons You Need to Try Rock Climbing – Global Climbing Day

reasons you need to try rock climbing

Do you remember as a kid heading to the rock climbing walls for birthday parties or just a fun Saturday activity? I loved rock climbing, but I had no idea it was a REAL sport. Recently, (about a year ago), I start going to the River Rock with some co-workers. I went just planning to go once because I have horrible upper body strength and didn’t think I would find it fun.

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But I was completely happy, NOT trying to get my upper body stronger.

My arms throbbed after 2 climbs. This was not the sport for me.

A few weeks later, I visited my rock climbing babe of a friend in DC. She showed me the ropes (ha ha) and took me for my first climbing experience outside!!

Climbing at Great Falls National Park

I loooooved it. There was something SO cool about climbing up these formations in nature. I wanted to go back and get better.

So I joined the gym and never looked back. I went through a bit of time where I took a break a few months ago for some personal stuff I was dealing with. But I am back now and so excited about it.

You may be saying “That’s great Cassie, but I am sooo not athletic” or “You think you have no upper body strength? I have ZERO” or “That’s cool, but I’m not an outdoorsy person.”

Cool. Fine. I get it. But hear me out. I’ve given you a list of reasons you need to try rock climbing. P.s. at the bottom is a link to where you can try out some FREE rock climbing gyms in your area THIS Saturday!

1. Rock Climbing is a fun way to stay active

So you are looking for something to stay active (lord knows spending an hour on the elliptical is so horribly boring). This sport combines strength and endurance, plus it’s like a puzzle. You get to go and figure out the pieces to the puzzle. What moves can you make to get yourself to that next hold? How should I position myself on the wall to make it easier? You forget about how tired you get (sometimes) because you get to look at the wall like a big puzzle.

Indoor Rock Climbing

2. You get better really quickly

Yes, you do plateau eventually. But when you are a newbie, your muscles adapt super quickly. I was able to climb for longer and harder only a few short weeks after climbing.

Rock Climbing at McAfee's Knob

3. You use your lower body more than your upper body

A lot of people have the misconception it is all upper body. While it’s important (and climbing will help you get some muscles), using your legs and feet to navigate the wall will help tremendously. So even if you can’t do a pull up, you can still be super successful at climbing (and maybe one day get there!)

4. You will feel like a bada$$

I don’t know about you, but I think climbers are so awesome. So when I tell people about my outdoor climbing experiences, they find it super intriguing. Now, you shouldn’t ever do something because other people find it cool, but it always helps. Especially when you start building those sick muscles.

Rock Climbing at Hidden Valley

5. It’s a sport you can do for a lifetime

Unless you have some serious falls, climbing is something you can do forever. As long as you supplement with strength and maybe some yoga, and make sure you warm up properly, you can climb forever as this is a very low impact sport.I would love to stay active forever and be that cool rock climber mom.


How you can climb for FREE!

This Saturday, August 19th is Global Climbing Day. Many gyms across the world are participating. You get free admission to the gym AND for any person that goes to a participating gym a $5 donation is made to Paradox Sports, an organization committed to making climbing accessible to people with physical disabilities.

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You can see a list of participating gyms here.

If you go rock climbing this Saturday or ever, be sure to tweet me @CasBigAdventure and tell me about your experience!



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