Tubing down the New River Junction

New River Tubing

Summer is the time of year of swimsuits, water, and lots of sun! Last weekend my coworkers and I took a float down the New River Junction in Blacksburg, Virginia and I want to show you how you can too! Plus I’ll give you some tips, that include things I forgot to do, so that you can have the best tubing trip!

Tubing Tips

A group of us from work carpooled out to the river where we rented tubes. We brought food (and beer of course) and headed out on the river. The river takes about an hour to float down and there is a little rapids section at the end. If you are too scared to do this part there is a place where you can get to shore right before the rapids where the bus picks up. If you go down the rapids, there is a little bit of a walk up to the bus. The shuttle bus takes you back to the beginning where you can go down the river again!

New River Junction

The prices at New River Junction are as follows:

Adult Tube & Life Jacket  $12/$10
Child Tube & Life Jacket $10/$8
I don’t think you need a life jacket unless you are very uncomfortable with swimming. 
Cooler Tube $6/$5
Parking $2
Lost Tube $25
Late Tube $5 per 15 minutes

Since we had a group of more than 10, we had to make a reservation, but we also got a 10% discount. As you can see this is a super inexpensive, but loads of fun summer activity!

New River Tubing

We ended up going down the river 3 times and had some breaks in between to lather up, chat, and eat some food!

Cassie New River

Tubing Tips

  • Wear SUNSCREEN! I wore sunscreen and reapplied and still got a little burnt. We don’t want skin cancer so bring it and don’t forget to reapply!
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses. These can also help to protect your scalp and eyes from the sun!
  • Bring flip flops or water shoes. When you go down the rapids, there is a bit of a walk on rocks and pavement to get back to the shuttle. This will make your life easier!
  • Waterproof bags or drawstring bags you don’t care about to carry shoes, keys, etc.
  • Rope! Strange, but this can help tie things to you or the tubes so you don’t lose them. You can also tie you and your friends together so you stay close by.
  • No glass or styrofoam. This is a rule by the river, but good to remember. Other people want to use the river safely and glass can break and cause problems. Styrofoam is no good for the fish!
  • Bring plastic coolers to store food and drink for floating down the river. This was so much fun to just relax and drink while soaking up the sun.
  • Bring a speaker. If you have a waterproof speaker, this would make floating down the river with your friends even more fun.
  • Waterproof camera case. I left my phone in the car so I didn’t get many pictures, so next time I will definitely be purchasing a waterproof phone case, so that I can take some pictures! (The river was in between some mountains and it was gorgeous)
  • ALWAYS have a DD. A day out in the sun drinking can get you tipsy sooner than you planned. Always make sure you have a sober driver to take you back after the day.

If you are in the southwest Virginia area or planning to make a trip here, I definitely recommend a day on the New River. Otherwise, I recommend checking out rivers near your place to see how you can spend a relaxing and FUN day tubing down the river!

P.s. There are no affiliate links! Just things I want to share with you that I enjoy 🙂

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