July Goals + Fitness Challenge

july goals fitness challenge

It is almost July and July is a PACKED month. In fact, this whole summer is! In ONE week I’m going to Poland for work, then staying to travel to Prague, Vienna, and Munich. I’m SO excited and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Since I’ll be traveling a lot this summer and I’m sure a lot of you are too, I wanted to make sure that I set some goals for myself and this blog to not fall off track. I have finally been blogging consistently and am happy with the content I am creating! (I tried creating a blog before and it was a fail because I just didn’t know what to blog about).

There is still so so so much more to learn, so I want to dedicate some time this month for learning how to be a better blogger and spend more time making sure I’m producing better content.

PLUS, I want to create a fitness challenge that we can all participate in, so that while we are traveling or hanging at the pool or indulging in cookies, we can make sure that we still stay active, even during busy times!


july goals fitness challenge

July Goals

1. Workout 4x a Week

I have been pretty good at this already. I go to a strength training class at 6:30am Tuesday and Thursday. And I usually run a few times a week around that, so I definitely have been getting my activity in! I’m thinking of doing a series on my weight loss journey, thoughts?? But I know that it is going to be tough when I’m out of the country, so I’m making it a goal to get in at least 2 strength workouts and 2 runs a week. I mean it’d be lovely to take explore the cities with some running!

2. Post 3 blog posts a week

This one is a hard one for me because I do work a full time job and I’ll be traveling this month, so the goal is to get a lot of work done before I leave next weekend and try to just write a little bit everyday.

3. Create an editorial calendar

I have no idea what I’m doing here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

4. Pin regularly

I want to pin more regularly, work on scheduling my pins, and hopefully get some viral posts!

5. Read 2 books

I have SO many books on my list that I’ve been wanting to read. I was doing a great job of reading a few months ago, but after moving have fallen off the wagon, so I’d like to dedicate reading before bed every night and hopefully this translates to 2 books this month.

Those are the immediate goals I have in mind right now. Now let’s get into the FITNESS CHALLENGE!

Cassie’s Fitness Challenge

Note: I am not a fitness expert. Please consult with your physician before changing or adding a new fitness routine.

In order to stay active this month and to keep me motivated, I got a little motivation from Simply Taralynn to start a fitness challenge!

I’ll be recording all my activities on Strava and also updating on Twitter and Instagram my fitness challenge updates. I’d love to see your pictures and tweets too from the fitness challenge! Tag me and use #CassiesFitnessChallenge .

This challenge will be split into 2 parts.

Part 1: Record 90 miles in the month of July (~3 miles/day). This can be by running, walking, skipping, swimming, biking. You can split it up too and do 1 mile of running, 1 mile of walking, and then finish off with biking! However you want to do it!

Part 2: Try 4 new activities in the month of July. During summer there are so many times to try outdoor activities, so I want you to try something you’ve never done before (or something you haven’t done in a long long time). Go rock climbing, try mountain biking, try kayaking, try trail running, try tubing. You could even try picking up a new class like zumba or yoga. There are so many fun activities, you never know what you might find that you really enjoy!

I’m really excited for July. Summer is my favorite and I get to go to EUROPE, to explore some countries I’ve never been to before! It’s going to be a great month.

Your turn!

Do you have any plans for July?

What are some of your goals for this month?

Are you going to participate in my fitness challenge? What new activities do you want to try?

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