Happy Holidays – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is Holiday Season! No matter where you are from, what you celebrate, or how you celebrate, this time of year is the time to set aside differences and tough times and be together. I have had a tough year, which I will explain soon, but even though I am missing a few loved ones, I am happy to be with the ones that I have. Happy Holidays from me and my family to you and yours.


All About the Family

This Christmas my brother, his girlfriend, and their kid came in town. I rarely get to see them, so it’s a joyous occasion. It was fun to spoil Raymond with gifts and celebrate with games and food (lots of it too!).

Earlier in the week, we went to my Uncle’s House, where we had a white elephant gift exchange (I got a set of wine glasses) and some other fun Christmas games. For Christmas Eve, we also did a white elephant gift exchange (I got a night light), and played another game where I won $30 to make up for the night light.

Today we opened presents, had breakfast, and are just having a relaxing day in the home today. Tomorrow, we are having a family party to celebrate the many December birthday’s in my family. It will be my last day at home before heading back to Virginia; a great way to end the week of celebration.


Gifts are Fun too!

Though the season is more about the gifts we receive, I am still grateful for the gifts given by my family to celebrate this time of year. I got a sweet pair of hiking/trail running shoes, a Cubs t-shirt (world series champs 2016, woo!), a fuzzy blanket, and peppermint bark from Trader Joe’s. Yum! I am blessed with the people I have in my life (even when they drive me crazy) and so grateful for the thought put into the gifts.

This year, I was fortunate with my job to gift presents to my family. It was so fun to see the happiness on people’s faces when getting a gift that I got for them. To me that’s the idea of this Holiday. To be with family and give joy to others, no matter whether presents are involved or not.

And that’s a wrap!

Now time to head back with family, and enjoy the little amount of time I get to spend each year!

Happy Holidays! Did you get any awesome gifts this year? And more important, how did you celebrate this holiday season?

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