Global Sports Bra Squad Run + Challenges

Global #SportsBraSquad Run

This past weekend I participated in the Global Sports Bra Squad Run. While a group of women did host a run here in town, I unfortunately woke up just a little bit too late to make it. However, I participated on my own and shared it on my Instagram story. So many of us have so many bad things to say about our bodies, myself included. I am often guilty about looking at myself in the mirror and getting upset about how much weight I’ve gained, or how fat I think I look, or how I hate how my thighs touch, etc. etc. etc. Well, I’ve been working on being more positive about my body and encouraging others to as well. Let’s start celebrating the things our bodies can do instead of what it looks like.Sports Bra squad run

Yes, I have gained some pounds over the past few years. It has negatively impacted my running and looking in the mirror can be frustrating. It reminds me of all I’ve been through in the past year. But it’s now and I’m making changes. I get my butt out of bed on Tuesday and Thursday morning to go to weight training. I run 3 times a week and I climb a few times a week as well. On weekends I spend time hiking or playing sports. I am physically active and should be celebrating more the fact that I am capable. My body has gotten me through a lot and is always there to support me.

If you are not happy with how your body looks, that’s ok! But think about the ways you are strong, or how you are working to get stronger. Celebrate the improvements that you have made as you have work toward your goals, or reevaluate your goals if you aren’t making the progress you want.

My Challenge to YOU

Get Rid of the Scale

Stop stepping on the scale. The scale is a horrible measure of your health. If anything, take measurements of you waist, arms, hips, and legs. This will really show you the progress you are making. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat!

Rethink your Goals

Instead of making goals to lose weight, consider making goals for how far you want to run, how heavy you want to lift, or what activity you want to participate in. Focusing on your looks instead of your performance can really affect what you think about yourself. Whereas, making goals around accomplishments can get your body in shape and feel great when you meet that goal.

Speak Positively

This is something I have SUCH a hard time with. It’s so easy to just think “Ugh, I hate my stomach.” We all have things we don’t like. Instead try to think of 3 things you do like (and they don’t have to just be about your body!). Think of something you did well at work, or a good deed for the day. Remembering the positive about you will get you in a better mindset for being kind to yourself.

You are a badass woman. You deserve kindness to yourself. Keep working hard and remember to celebrate what your body CAN do, not what it looks like. And if you want to run in a sports bra, run in a freaking sports bra! Forget the haters. You ARE killing it and you ARE amazing.

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