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A Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina

Recently, I visited Asheville, North Carolina with a few friends. I heard it was an awesome little place in the middle of the south. I was expecting good beer, great food, and beautiful mountains, and I was not disappointed!

smoky mountains Asheville
Smoky Mountains in Asheville


On Friday we headed down to Asheville from work. It is about a 4 hour drive so we left work a little early. We met Lindsay’s boyfriend, Tim, down there, and Dale who picked up our packets. We went to dinner at this Italian restaurant, and I was rather disappointed. It was not a great first impression of Asheville as the service was subpar and the food was mediocre and overpriced. We all made our way to the Airbnb after to get a good nights rest for the race in the morning!


The Race

On Saturday we ran a 10k race in Asheville (one of my friends ran the half…good for him). I’m not nearly in the shape I would have liked to be, BUT I finished and under 10 minute pace, which is good enough for me right now. I’m working on being kinder to myself and part of that is accepting that this is where I am right now with running, but I’m getting my butt out there working and that’s something to be proud of. It’s something we all can be proud of ourselves for more. We are working. HARD.

I was pretty happy with how I ran the race. I went out nice and easy the first 3 miles (unlike the 4 mile race a few weeks ago, where I went out way to fast and puked at the finish). At mile 4 there was a huuuuge hill. It was killer. I walked for a minute and ran for a minute at this part. The last 2 miles were mostly uphill so I just was trying to get to the end at that point. I appreciated Nate joining me for the last half mile or so to get me to the finish. What a good friend!

asheville 10k race
Asheville 10k Splits

Post Race

Of course with all that hard work I celebrated with a beer…or two. The post race had a band, some free snacks and drinks, plus free massages! I greatly apologize to the lady who had to massage my very sweaty back.

post Asheville race beer
Post 10k Festivities

After finishing up our beers, we headed to Over Easy Cafe in downtown. I was so amazed at all the vegetarian/vegan friendly options! I’m a pescatarian myself, but it’s very awesome to see the abundant choices for those who prefer a meatless diet. Soysage was such a cute name, but also was delicious! I had the Spring Veggie Omelet. While it was good, I think I prefer classic omelet fixings. Next time, I would definitely get something with the soysage (I tried Brian’s and it was soooo good!). The biscuits were A+ as well. Gotta love that southern cooking.

Mountain Biking

After that, my friends decided they wanted to go mountain biking. Let me remind you, we had all just run a race. My friends are nuts. So we drove over to The Hub in Pisgah, rented some bikes, and drove over to DuPont to ride some trails. I wish I had some pictures of the trail, but it was awesome. If you’ve never been mountain biking, I highly recommend you check it out. My legs were pretty beat, so making it up the trail could be hard at times, and I was terrified going down at points, but I got the hang of it and had a blast!


After some beers and snacks at the tavern, we finally headed back to shower. We were some smelly folks, that’s for sure, before heading to dinner. We went to Nine Mile, which was this really good Caribbean style cuisine. Holy moly. This place was We started off with some beers (of course). I had a ginger cider that was quite good. It wasn’t too sweet, but not too dry. Side note: If you are of legal drinking age and you want to keep up with the beer I’m drinking and what I like, check out my Untappd.

For dinner, I had a cup of the tomato gouda soup and the Kingston 12. The flavors worked so well together and I felt like the food was just melting in my mouth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you ever venture to Asheville, I highly recommend this place.

Asheville Nine Mile
Me and Brian at Nine Mile

After SO MUCH FOOD, we all went back to our Airbnb and passed out. What an exhausting day!


On Sunday we got up and walked to get some breakfast. My booty was so sore from hills + mountain biking. Ouchy. We originally planned to go to Biscuit Head, but the line was out the door and wrapped around and we were not about that life. So we walked around some more and found this little cafe called West End Bakery and Cafe. I order the veggie sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. I was loving all the fake meat options!!! It was so so good and filling. More restaurants like these in Roanoke to fill my cravings for meat. I also tried some of Brian’s strawberry scone and wanted more. The food was so wonderful the whole weekend after a disappointing first dinner.

Finally, we walked around the city, enjoyed all the art, bought some expensive socks. lol. and overall had a GREAT weekend in Asheville. I am so down to go back, anyone wanna join??


I forgot to mention my one friend Nate. He is fast. He got 6th in the Asheville 10k! Before the race we had him shave his beard into something funny, so he did the handlebar for the race. Then I bet him $20 to stay at work all day with it. It was a great moment and totally worth $20. Enjoy!

handlebar mustache
Nate’s handlebar mustache

P.S. Ladies…he’s single. Hit him up!


Questions for you!

  • Have you ever been to Asheville? What are some of your favorite restaurants?
  • Do you have any fun race weekend stories?
  • Have you ever been mountain biking? Any other extreme sports?

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